All the organizations we work with have one common overarching goal: To make the world a better place!


Although the heart of these organizations are their people, it's a challenge to ensure that the HR processes are as efficient as possible, making sure that the organization can deliver on its mandate. 

The reasons for these challenges are as many as the different organizations, but we can all benefit from learning from each others experiences, successes and failures. The objective for this knowledge sharing community is to be a valuable knowledge hub for all HR professionals, irrespective of being a Director, a Business Partner, an Advisor, a Specialist or an associate. 

This is a community where we come together and share our ideas, our solutions to strategic HR dilemmas, our innovative ideas, but also a community where you will find templates for the daily HR administration and resources to be used to respond to different challenges during the life-cycle of an employee

We want to provide HR experts arguments, facts, tools and resources to ensure that Human Resources can function as the strategic tool to efficiently deliver results and fulfill common overarching goals.

We believe that the starting point for this goal is to get organizations together to learn from and share knowledge with each other and eventually come together and work in areas where collaboration can lower transaction costs and increase delivery.


We will start publishing templates and articles about Social sourcing, Talent acquisition and Employer branding. We have reached out to a few HR professionals that accepted to share, but we welcome more contributors. Contact us!

Below are the areas that we will cover now, but as the area of people management and Human Resources constantly develops and evolves, new focus areas will be added reflecting latest research!  Your input is valuable!


  • Innovative and Strategic HR (e. g. how to save money in times of limited resources, how to engage private sector, Learn from others, Templates)
  • Talent acquisition (e.g. Employer branding, Workforce planning, Job advertisements, Candidate sourcing, Assess candidates, Templates)
  • Onboarding (e.g Onboarding best practice, Learn from others, Duty station report/wiki, Templates)
  • Engage (e.g Learning and development, Staff wellbeing, Learn from others, Templates, Career counseling).
  • Measure (e.g Measure effective recruitment, performance, engagement, Learn from others, Templates)
  • Retain (e. g Strategies to retain talent, Learn from others, Templates)
  • Exit (Strategies for ending contracts, assignments, outplacement, , Learn from others, Templates, Counseling)


Are you interested in contributing to this community as a writer, please contact us!

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