Impactpool Recruitment Handbook

Questions we hope will be able to address with this ebook:

  • How to manage a recruitment process without having anyone to ask?
  • What is a Competency Framework?
  • What is Competency Based Interviewing?
  • What are some risks when using Competency Based Interviewing?
  • How to increase the number of qualified applicants?
  • And more...

Too many HR professionals in International Organizations are alone in a country office responsible for the whole operations and administration plate. 

You may feel alone and you have no one to ask. You are the perfect audience for this recruitment Handbook.

Our experienced recruiters have compiled a Handbook that touches on all the processes of the recruitment process from Job design, via sourcing to the actual assessment of candidates.

As a complement to the Handbook we have also created several templates that also can be downloaded free of charge.