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Are women paying a higher price for a UN career

Gender parity is a common objective of this sector. In late 2016 Impactpool sent a survey to 1672 former and current United Nations staff members. All candidates had started their career at a junior staff position (P1 or P2) in the past 25 years. With this survey, we wanted to find out what successful UN staff members have in common, and we discovered there is a lot. In this White-paper we present our findings.

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Recruitment Handbook

Too many HR professionals in International Organizations are alone in a country office responsible for the whole operations and administration plate. You may feel alone and you have noone to ask. You are the perfect audience for this recruitment Handbook. Our experienced recruiters have compiled a Handbook that touches on all the processes of the recruitment process from Job design, via sourcing to the actual assessment of candidates. As a complement to the Handbook we have also created several templates that also can be downloaded free of charge.

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Data-sheet: Do you know where qualified women look for jobs?

We asked staff of the United Nations where they go to find job opportunities. Our focus was women, and our results shows that printed media belongs to the past, organization’s own job site is still attracting important talents. However, one other source grows faster than any other source and is already the largest talent provider of all. In this one-page report we provide a data-sheet that helps you target the right audience in your next recruitment process.

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Roundtable minutes - How International organisations recruit during COVID-19

Impactpool organised a roundtable for our HR partners to discuss how COVID-19 affects their recruitment and how they deal with the situation. 45 different organisations shared what they do and this download includes the minutes from the roundtable.

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How to improve your organization's social sourcing strategy today

Social sourcing offers powerful new opportunities for the development sector to reach talent. Unfortunately, too many organizations today do not use social media strategically, resulting in significantly low impact on the talent pool. This paper explores social media efforts in larger international organizations.

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5 simple steps to improve the quality of applicants

This paper summarizes 5 simple steps to help large international organizations in their social media efforts.

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How to make your career site more attractive

We present to you key findings on what users really want to see in your career site and in your job offers

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11 key metrics to assess the efficiency of your recruitment process

Identifying the main key metrics to measure the effectiveness of your International Organization’s recruitment process may be challenging. In this white paper, we present 11 metrics that can be used as a starting points for your organization.

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Time is up for a U.N. quota scheme change

The U.N. quota scheme Part 1 - When 5 Ants became more than 4 Elephants

This white-paper describes the conflict brought by current quota calculation scheme of the UN and other multilateral and international organizations when trying to achieve gender parity and achieve geographic diversity.

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How to reform today’s quota scheme to incentivize the promotion of women in their careers front cover

The U.N. quota scheme Part 2 - How to reform today’s quota scheme to incentivize the promotion of women in their careers

This white-paper suggests a way to modernize the quota calculation of the U.N. and other multilateral and International organizations. Our proposed quota scheme includes both diversity objectives and promotes women career.

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Facilitate 2-way communication between staff and manager

Holly White, HR Specialist on Career Development and Performance management at UNFPA, shares her best template intended to facilitate 2-way communication between the staff member and the manager.

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How to give and receive constructive Feedback

Holly White, HR Specialist on Career Development and Performance management at UNFPA, shares her best template including elements intended to help you to build a constructive feedback culture in organizations.

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The International Academic Partnership Programme (IAPP)

Universities are offering resources for preparing students for careers at the International Development sector and at the same time benefiting from successful high-traffic websites to increase the diversity and the number of prospective students to its Programs

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