I seek Project Partners: Our AI Robot evens out the male dominance in recruitment to the UN and to International Organizations

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Feb 07, 2019




Digitalization and Technology are both under-utilized when it comes to solve the diversity and the gender equality challenges we face.  Now, Impactpool applies for public funding to take their AI-algorithm to its next level and to establish the Fair recruit and search console. A recruitment algorithm trained on impact jobs and on global impact talent profiles to better handle bias related to culture, age, name, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and more.  Now you can join force and build the Fair recruit and search console, exclusively built for  the impact sector. Just submit the form at the end of the article and let us together hit the ground running. 


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Topics: Gender Parity, Artificial Intelligence

NEWS! 4 organisations start using Impactpool's recruitment system

Posted by Patrik Klingbert on Jan 29, 2019
My Promo video #4


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Topics: Recruitment, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence


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