NEWS! 4 organisations start using Impactpool's recruitment system

Posted by Patrik Klingbert on Jan 29, 2019
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During February, four exclusively invited organisations will replace their old system and shift over to Impactpool’s recruitment system. Imagine a recruitment system built for international organisations and impact companies that costs from $55 per month and takes less than 2 hours to set up.


With a growth of 50-100 new organisations per month using Impactpool’s service and with AI screening soon to be launched, it is a fair to forecast that the recruitment landscape will change dramatically over the next few years.

The business of Recruitment systems have not yet faced the business disruption that many other sectors have. Large companies are still selling hard-to-implement, user-unfriendly and expensive recruitment systems, that don’t even fit the Impact business they are intended to support.


“It is sad, but I have seen International Organization buying recruitment system licenses for several hundred thousands of dollars and never even implemented the system” says Henrik Ryden Co-founder of Impactpool. He continues ..."a recruitment system should not need to cost more than $100 per month, most recruitment systems today are extremely overpriced. We have designed a recruitment system for International Organizations, that are ready to be used within two hours from purchase and that costs as little as $55 per month.”


Impactpool’s vision in this area is clear - every impact organisation should use the same recruitment system, it will make life easier for talents and increase the speed and quality for the hiring organisations.  This vision will be achieved by offering a recruitment system that comes with the best talents and with a price that every impact business or organisation can afford.


“We believe that harmonised recruitment systems will provide better talents. Talents know where to go to find jobs, it will finally shorten the recruitment timelines and get the most qualified talents deployed to jobs that make impact” says Magnus Bucht CEO of Impactpool.


At Impactpool we know that the future recruitment system does not come in a box with an expensive license tagged to it.  Recruitment systems that will survive the future are the once that:


  1. Support organisations to source the best talents
  2. Have direct access to matching and qualified candidates
  3. Are customized for the type of business the client is working in, understanding their specific needs
  4. Are built on the latest AI technology to help organisation to search for the profile they need and
  5. Have a price tag that is fair, reasonable and that gives you the possibility for you to pay for the recruitment system only when you use it.


“The idea to the Impactpool Recruitment System was born during my time at UNDP”, says Henrik Ryden co-founder of Impactpool. He continues: “At UNDP, we were forced to implemented a system based on Oracle’s PeopleSoft. We had a Long Term Contract with Oracle, so we didn’t have much of a choice. To implement a private sector recruitment system into an international recruitment context was not easy. I felt like getting the parts of a bicycle with the expectations to put the parts together to form a Rolls Royce.”


The Impactpool recruitment system (Impactpool ATS™) is a cloud-based system built for International recruitment. Other recruitment systems available on the market is built for local private sector recruitment, it is rare they include contract types, contract grades, duty stations etc and other stuff that are prerequisite for the impact sector.


“We looked at the gaps in current recruitment systems and built one that is focusing at what organisations need the most, this is an invitation only release. We are now working on our AI Screening Algorithm, so when we open up the system for a wider audience in 2020 our ATS will be self-screening candidates” says Magnus Bucht, CEO.


This month the following four organisations go live - IDLO, JRS, WeEffect and ViSkogen. Impactpool has close to 400’000 talent profiles and as soon as any of the 4 organisations that post a job, the Impactpool AI algorithm will match the job to suitable talents and notify with a job alert. This is the start of the future when it comes to recruitment.


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