How we break norms in the Executive Search industry

Posted by Magnus Bucht on May 31, 2017
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More and more organizations are working strategically to reach gender parity at all levels in their organizations. How has this affected traditional search firms, if at all? The world is changing, but for some reason some things are more diffiucult to change. Does it have to be that way? At Impactpool we do not think so. In all our services we have a commitment to contributing to gender parity in International Organizations and when it comes to Executive Search, we break norms. Our slogan is "No women, No Fee".


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Traditional Executive Search Consultant


The executive search industry is largely unchanged compared to most other areas that have radically changed due to modern technology.  Traditional search firms are still charging exceptionally high fees and most of them are working in the same way that they did 20 years ago, with the typical Search Consultant being an "old" executive who wants to benefit from his network.

In our Search Assignments, we are able to leverage on our own talent pool of close to 200 000 registered talents from 188 different countries, and a continuous growth of 2000-5000 new talents joining every week. Our clients also benefit from our expertise in social sourcing to attract suitable candidates. This enables us to deliver top quality candidates much faster than traditional search firms.

The whole search industry has been forced to change and the ability to compete today is more linked to the search firms' own brand, their ability to engage talents and the eagerness to never stop improving their own talent pools. Despite that Impactpool is a relatively young company we are already trusted by hundreds of thousands of candidates who we want to support in their professional growth. When we are able to provide a valuable service to them we are also able to provide a valuable service to our organizational partners. This is a key reason that makes it possible for us to compete with traditional search firms at a price level far below them. For us the future of executive search is linked to the power of scalability, and most traditional firms will never be able to scale.

So what does the slogan No women, No fee means? - It is as simple as it says. If we can't provide qualified and suitable women to the longlist, we don't charge any fee says Anna Byström,  Talent Acquisition Director at Impactpool.

In addition to providing top candidates to our clients, we take pride in

  • Continuing our search until the client has filled the role;
  • Guaranteeing women on the longlist, striving to reach 50/50 Female/Male and 50/50 North/South;
  • Carrying out a new search assignment without cost, in case the appointed person resigns from the post within 6 months;
  • We never approach candidates working for our Executive Search clients for any other search assignment.


Our consultants have deep expertise from International Organizatons and understands the functional roles and geographies in which our clients operate.  Success for us is not only defined by the long-term commitment and impact of the person hired, but also that we contribute to breaking the norm and increasing the diversity within International Organizations.

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