Gender parity must not take 217 years - #WeCanDoBetter

Posted by Impactpool on Jan 18, 2019
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In four years time the first humans are expected to land on Mars. With the current pace, the gender gap will close first 217 years later . #WeCanDoBetter! 
Impactpool is known for innovative methods to achieve gender parity. We are now continuing this work with four large theme campaigns during 2019. We encourage everyone to join!


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Impactpool will dedicate the whole month of March on Gender equality and Women’s Career. The theme is #WeCanDoBetter. 

If it is only 4 years left until we are expected to land humans' on Mars. If that can be achieved, it must not take 217 years to close the gender gap! (which is the World Economic Forum's latest prediction). To reach gender parity is not a problem itself, it is the lack of  sincere willingness and commitment to the goal that creates the problem. We believe the main obstacle is found in internal culture, resistance to change, strong incentives to preserve status quo and lame ambitions and willingness to really achieve the goal.

Impactpool is the world’s fastest-growing career platform for positive impact, and we take gender parity seriously. With this campaign we are focusing on changing that pattern together with our partner organizations.

We have lined up the most credible organisations in the world and now we invite your organisation to join.

In the #WeCanDoBetter campaign we will focus at the different impact career tracks for global women talents. We want to show that we are many organizations and companies that take gender equality and gender parity seriously and that we do not accept the current pace of change. 

We now encourage organizations who believe that we can do better to join the campaign and to show women talents what your organisation offer.

During the campaign we  will share and promote:


  • Success stories of organisations and talents who have reached or significantly improved the equality/parity,
  • Editorials
  • Career tips from experienced specialists with a focus on women talents
  • Podcast interviews with individuals that successfully  implemented change processes that improved equality/parity
  • Webinars to share best practice and methods to increase the pace of change.

Later, during June we will also run a campaign with the focus on Career Opportunities for Global professionals with disabilities. That campaign will focus on how to reach out and how to attract. More information  about our next campaigns will follow soon. 

Join us! If your organisation signs up Before 20 February for the #WeCanDoBetter campaign, we guarantee your spot in the June campaign too.






Already an Impactpool Partner Organisation?

If your organisation already have a current partnership with Impactpool, we include you in this (and future) campaign(s) automatically. This is part of your current contract and one of the significant benefits of being an Impactpool partner.

New to Impactpool? Join the campaign 

At Impactpool, we want all impact business and organisations to afford the latest technology and have access the most innovative solutions. Therefore, taking part in our campaigns should be a no brainer.

Our prices starts at $99 per month and depends on the number of recruitments you have per year.

How to join the #WeCanDoBetter campaign? Click the button below to select applicable partnership. If you sign as a partner before February 20th, we automatically include you in the #WeCanDoBetter campaign.




As an Impactpool partner you get?


    • Campaign Visibility: Your organisation will be visible on the #WeCanDoBetter campaign site with organisation logotype (see sample here of how other Impactpool campaigns have looked like).
    • Organization Page on Impactpool: The logotype on the #WeCanDoBetter campaign site will be clickable and will take interested women to your Organization Page on Impactpool providing information about your organization and list all your jobs (see sample here)
    • All jobs automatically on Impactpool: As part of this package, we build an integration with your career site for FREE, so that when you publish a new job on your own career site, it appears automatically on impactpool (see sample here)
    • Talent Matching:  When automatically publishing all your jobs, we will run them through our AI matching algorithm and match your jobs to our pool of qualified global talents.
    • Weekly job alert promotion: Global talents with a matching profile get a notification about your job,

See complete list of partner features here.





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