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What Google defines as strong leadership

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Aug 07, 2017

For every new hire at Google, leadership is one of four key skills that is assessed. Leadership is important even for talents not applying directly to a managerial role. It is key to be able to manage a project, but further down the career the candidate may be exposed to leadership roles, says Martin Eriksson, who has a long career at Google. He is now based in Stockholm, but he has worked for Google at their HQ in California as well in their European headquarter in Ireland

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Can International Organizations learn from Google’s recruitment process

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Aug 01, 2017

I have studied many International Organizations, time-to-fill, the recruitment time from published job advertisement to the candidate’s acceptance of job offer takes in average 100 days. Google gets the world’s best talents, they conduct 4 interviews and receive the accepted job offer within 4 weeks from the first interview. Can International Organizations learn anything from Google?

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Are women paying a higher price for a UN career?

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Jun 12, 2017

In late 2016 Impactpool sent out a survey to former and current United Nations staff members. All candidates had started their UN career at a junior staff position (P1 or P2) during the past 25 years. With this survey, we wanted to find out what successful UN staff members have in common, and we discovered that there is a lot.

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Why UNV is the key to gender parity at the UN

Posted by Henrik Ryden on May 27, 2017

Impactpool's most recent talent survey shows that women who served as an UN Volunteer before their first UN staff position are close to 70% more likely to stay in the UN system compared with colleagues not having any previous UN Volunteer experience. In this article we present data that shows how reaching gender parity at UNV will benefit the whole UN system.

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International Organizations place their staff away from Hardship

Posted by Henrik Ryden on May 23, 2017
According to The U.N.'s refugee agency the number of displaced people is at its highest ever, surpassing even post-World War II numbers. In our yearly vacancy location study, we looked into where most jobs in International Organizations are located, and the result was neither what we hoped for nor expected.
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How to source and recruit women to Hardship locations?

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Apr 27, 2017

The key to measuring the sourcing impact of a certain talent group is to define what type of talent you are looking for and quantify the desired result. The challenge to recruit women to crisis or hardship locations has been a mantra ever since I entered this sector as a recruiter. In this article, we will take a look at that mantra - and how it may really be an urban legend.

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Invest 15 min per day on social sourcing to increase the quality of your applicants

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Apr 27, 2017

By simply investing 15 minutes per day, you can significantly improve the quality of the applicants to your International Organization. In this article, our Director of Talent Acquisition explains how 15 minutes can improve applicant quality, increase retention, and save costs on delayed recruitments and hiring efforts.

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How to use Social Sourcing to increase quality and speed up recruitment?

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Apr 25, 2017

Many organizations start to set gender parity targets. Only 50/50 is acceptable! The days are gone when male dominated organizations are accepted by government donors and private donors. Impactpool has worked with several organizations to help them increase the number of qualified women. In this article we explain how social sourcing can help you in your recruitments can increase quality and achieve gender parity. 

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Topics: Social sourcing

4 common mistakes when organizations advertise a job

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Apr 25, 2017

If you don’t have a social strategy for your job ad titles, it may be a good time to get one. It does not need to be complicated. Your first objective should be to make the job title tweetable and sharable. In this article, we discuss 4 common mistakes.

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