Impactpool launches green office management policy to minimize negative environmental impact

Posted by Henrik Ryden on May 28, 2019




Impactpool grows faster than any Impact career platform on earth. Positive impact is in our DNA. We aim to contribute to positive Impact in every decision we take. Our HQ is located in Södermalm, the South Island of Stockholm and our objective is to have an as small-as-possible negative environmental impact footprint. Impactpool aims to always choose locations that allow staff and visitors to use environmental friendly commute to and from the office. All decisions to be made must take into account that the option generates the lowest possible emission of CO2 and greenhouse gases (GHG) and the least negative impact on our environment.

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Impactpool launches a green travel policy - flying is no longer sustainable

Posted by Henrik Ryden on May 09, 2019

Impactpool grows faster than any Impact career platform on earth. Positive impact is in our DNA. We aim to contribute to positive Impact in every decision we take. On a daily basis, we connect with an enormous amount of talents and organizations around the world. Flying is not sustainable. In this article we share our new green travel policy, join our example! 

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I seek Project Partners: Our AI Robot evens out the male dominance in recruitment to the UN and to International Organizations

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Feb 07, 2019




Digitalization and Technology are both under-utilized when it comes to solve the diversity and the gender equality challenges we face.  Now, Impactpool applies for public funding to take their AI-algorithm to its next level and to establish the Fair recruit and search console. A recruitment algorithm trained on impact jobs and on global impact talent profiles to better handle bias related to culture, age, name, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and more.  Now you can join force and build the Fair recruit and search console, exclusively built for  the impact sector. Just submit the form at the end of the article and let us together hit the ground running. 


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NEWS! 4 organisations start using Impactpool's recruitment system

Posted by Patrik Klingbert on Jan 29, 2019
My Promo video #4


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Our partners' jobs get priority before FREE jobs

Posted by Magnus Bucht on Jan 29, 2019
Free posting promotion


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Gender parity must not take 217 years - #WeCanDoBetter

Posted by Impactpool on Jan 18, 2019



WeCanDoBetter Campaign  On the site


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#WIT4Impact - We reach gender parity before Elon Musk land on Mars!

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Sep 03, 2018

In 2024 Elon Musk will land the first Humans on Mars. 4 years later, in 2028, the United Nations target to reach gender parity.  At Impactpool, we gather top talents to solve global challenges, and we know that achieving gender parity in 2028 is a piece of cake compared to land Humans on Mars. 


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Social Impact Careers toolkit for Students of Top Universities

Posted by Impactpool on Jun 15, 2018

According to PWC, 83% of the world’s Master’s Students are prepared to take a 15% pay cut to have a meaningful and impactful career.  Students and alumni around the world dream of working to make a positive social impact, but very few outside of this sector know how to approach this sector and create a career in this space.

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Topics: Innovation, Gender Parity, University Partnerships

How to use today's geographic quota to achieve gender parity

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Mar 08, 2018

Today is the International Women’s Day, and what could be a better way of celebrating this day then launching two white-papers that serve to modernize the geographic quota calculation of the U.N. and of other multilateral and International organizations. Our innovative quota scheme reflects the current diversity objectives and promotes women's careers.

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Topics: Talent Acquisition, Innovation, Gender Parity

Impactpool launch HR initiative to support gender parity globally

Posted by Henrik Ryden on Oct 27, 2017

The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres has launched an ambitious strategy to reach gender parity at the senior levels of leadership by 2021, and ultimately in 2028 across the whole United Nations. But how true is this System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity and its recommendations? We believe there's a high risk that this strategy only will keep the status quo. Impactpool wants to speed up the process to reach the parity goal by building the world's largest pool of qualified women.

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Topics: Social sourcing, Gender Parity


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